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"Decoding The Dilemma" Essay Contest


Study the given material
Read up on the given material at (DtDContest) as well as the Rules and familiarize yourself with the topic.
Decode the Dilemma in your essay
Provide your insight into what to call the doings of a prominent EU state that you have read up on. Make sure that your essay is in line with the rules as well as the given topic. The number of characters your essay should contain is 2700 - 3200.



Submit the essay for grading
Carefully study the contest rules and prepare everything before submitting your essay. Submit your essay online through this platform. Be sure to check that the information you provided in your application is accurate and that your essay meets all of our requirements.
Wait for the results
The evaluation process will begin once the deadline has passed. Your essay will go through three different evaluation phases, with AI performing the initial evaluation.


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Can I submit multiple essays?

Yes. You can submit multiple essays, but each essay must be submitted under a unique account.

Do I need to reference my sources?

Yes, use APA referencing.

In how many rounds are essays evaluated?

The evaluation is carried out in three rounds. The first round is conducted by AI, and eliminations are possible if the essay does not meet the contest's rules.

Why is the name of the large EU country omitted?

At this point in the public discussion, the identity of the major EU member state is hidden since it may have an influence on one's freedom of speech, which would reduce the competition's success and make it potentially biased and unobjective.

What is the role of AI in the essay evaluation?

AI will filter out all inappropriate content that promotes/contains violence, hate, sexual content, crime, etc. Additionally, AI will provide its short review of your essay, which will be useful in the subsequent rounds of evaluation.

Did not find an answer?

If you're still confused, read the rules carefully. Any essay that does not follow all the rules will be disqualified.